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Datatail nationally tracks retail advertising in newspapers, flyers and key retailers on the web daily. Regular daily price tracking of key national retailers and warehouse clubs make the Datatail report the most used among the major manufacturers in Canada... more


Our highly trained staff collects on a daily basis advertising data. The Datatail tracking system allows us to attach intelligence to the data we capture offering us the possibility to provide to our customers reports of high value and interest. Our experienced... more


  • 227 national and regional retailers
  • 3925 brands
  • Electronics, Appliances, Furniture,...
  • 611 categories of products


We are currently operating coast to coast in Canada (English and French) and in the USA (English). Spanish to come.


  • 1APR 2011Web Tracking
    The web is now a growing influence on consumer purchases and the time has come for data that measures the virtual share of shelf space including daily pricing and brand/product positioning on the major retail web sites. You can be sure that our web reporting will be class leading and provide rich intelligence beyond anything else previously available. Imagine having at your fingertips the real time pulse of the market? Your capacity to react to market shifts will never be greater. Contact your account co-ordinator for a live demonstration of this exciting and powerful tool.
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