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A few examples of reports Datatail can produce

Datatail provides the industry with a wide selection of reports that simply the best available today. Our ability to provide our clients with unique custom reports ensures they get the data in a manner that corresponds to their individual needs.

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Ad trend
Discover how well you brand is performing in the market place (in real time). You can view you trending by category/sub-category/retail channel/by region/retailer/ or nationally. In today's fast pace retail world the Datatail digital tool box gives you all the pertinent data you need when you need it.

Share of Voice
Large retailers buy to promote and a direct correlation can be made with your brand's ad share and actual business. Market shifts can happen quickly with serious consequences to a brand that is not paying attention. This is one more important digital measurement tool that can be of critical importance to managing your brand.

Advertising Profile
Our retailer ad profiling can reveal important metrics when you need to know the importance of a category at a specific retailer. This tool can provide a deep dive view of current and seasonal trends.

Top 15
Find out what are the most advertised products by market/retail channel/retailer/category/sub category.

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