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Bob Lapointe
Bob Lapointe CEO

Bob is a consumer electronic industry veteran of more than 30 years. His vast experience in the vendor and retail communities has given him a unique vision of the marketplace. Anyone who knows him understands how passionate and driven he is about how technology has and can impact the market place in a positive mannor.. As Bob often says "One of the great and wonderful things about the day we live in is the ability to embrace new technologies and how they produce cost effective benefits to those who use them efficiently. I am excited about the future of the Tailbase / Datatail group, excited about the unique products and services Datatail provides to both manufacturers and retailers today."

We have tremendous growth ahead of us. The Tailbase/Datatail group will expand its multiple services to cover numerous types of consumer goods in diverse markets locally and internationally . We will always strive to pay specific attention to the needs of our clients and create the tools, services and reports that are the fruit of a collaborative relationship with the users of the service.

His vision

The internet is rapidly maturing. Retailers, and manufacturers have to re-evaluate their use of the most powerful communication tool available to them today. They must pay attention to the changes taking place, adapt or run the risk of potential loss of business. In particular, they need to understand how consumers favour the internet for its comparative shopping experience and time saving benefits. The transfer of knowledge directly to the consumer has already impacted the way "business as usual" is conducted. That phenomenon will increase exponentially in the next few years. Your 3 year old web site just will not cut it in today's market place. Most businesses need to devote a much larger portion of their media spend to their internet marketing. The proper use of social medias can really produce remarkable results if done correctly.

"Integrity, knowledge, and accuracy matter"

André Voyer
André Voyer CFO

Andre is a consummate professional and his wisdom and experience in guiding the group's financial objectives are important key's of the firm's success. As the group expands internationally we rely on his many management talents to guide us in our ambitious plans for growth.

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